Thursday, 24 September 2009

Congratulations to Steph - Anniversary Candy !

Just want to say congratulations to steph on her 7 yr wedding anniversary i hope you have many more happy years to come x
Steph is so kindly celebrating with a candy give away so pop over to stamping and sharing to get involved -

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  1. Hi EmmyLou - I responding re your message on PTI. I have just done a share with somebody, and am waiting to see what the final costings are. On top of the stamps, there has been customs and shipping, and my share was just over £40(!) and now I am waiting for the cost of getting the stamps to me. Will get back to you when I know. A friend of mine recently bought stamps from Beeswas in the US, and bought quite a lot in one go, and she said that the customs and shipping was around £50, but if you buy in small amounts, they will send out as a gift, as long as it fits into a standard size package.