Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hi y'all, well got my poppy set (PTI remember) care of the wonderful Kate from a passion for papertrey blog - http://apassionforpapertrey.blogspot.com/ so I can set about creating my poppy cards tonight, just wanted to say how lovely kate is I have never met her and i posted a message on in love with stamping asking if anyone had the remeber set (i could buy) and kate contacted me and said i could borrow hers and here it is .....how kind is that!! a complete stranger lending me their only set I was really taken a back bless her.

Also had a bit of a naff day took my little one to the local soft play area and while i was there all the mums and their children from his playgroup showed up (together) I think it must have been a play date or party .... I just felt so lonely I was the only mum there on my own with thier child , they didn't even say hello ...think they were a little embarrased . everyone else was in twos or with a baby group, I wish i had been well enough when oliver was little to forge these friendships but unfortunatly i wasn't and i missed out now i'm like a oneman (or woman) band surviving alone lol just me and my boy bless him....

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  1. Oh honey, you mustn't feel bad - I'm just the same (I'm not good at 'meeting' people) & never went to any mother baby / toddler groups so felt bad that the kids didn't have any 'friends' - it all changed when they started pre-school, now a week doesn't go by without a party - they have better social lives than me (not that that's hard lol) *BIG HUGS* from one lonely mother to another!! Love Steph xxx
    p.s. Kate IS the sweetest lady!!